Chuck Bruce - Jewelry

With a love of antiques and period buildings as well as background in interior design and fashion merchandising, jewelry design started as a hobby and the rest is history.

I currently specialize in truly unique silver and gold jewelry with a focus on lapidary gems and minerals, handcrafted chains, gravity and centrifuge casting, and spool knitting (chain knitted on wooden spool).

While teaching at the Indianapolis Art Center, I'll tell students "we're all our own worst critics, but you'd be surprised at what other people find inspirational and beautiful."  For me, taking an idea in my head, seeing it come to life and truly become a thing of beauty is exceptionally fulfilling.  Or taking a rock, something produced by nature with no value except for its properties, then cutting, grinding and polishing it to make a gorgeous piece of art in its own right is rewarding to my soul.

My philosophy as a craftsperson is to create exceptional jewelry you don't see every day, to always challenge myself to raise the bar, and to learn techniques that are fading from general use and becoming a lost art.  I am always learning, taking classes and evolving my art as I continue adding skills to my portfolio.  For me, my journey as an artist can be as rewarding as the destination.


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