Eleanor Broaded - Ceramic Jewelry

After being a potter for many years, I began using clay to make make porcelain jewelry.  I hand form each piece of clay and impress it with a texture or image.  I apply an underglaze for color, clear glaze for gloss, a luster glaze for iridescence, and a gold glaze trim.  Each piece is kiln fired 3-4 times.  To finish my work, I embellish it with pearls and beads.

I have always loved clay and was a ceramic major at the University of Hawaii.  I have worked in many community art settings including Manchester Craftmans Guild in Pittsburg, PA., Blue Mountains Art Centre in NSW, Australia, and the Indianapolis Art Center here in Indiana.

I am inspired by the beauty of nature and natural elements.  I often combine images of trees, fossils, and ancient symbols in my work.  My business name, Soaring Heart Jewelry, expresses my connection to the materials and the creative process.  My customers often tell me that they get compliments when they wear my jewelry.  That reminds me that I have succeeded in creating a beautiful object and inspired a moment of kindness.



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