Joan Schneider - Glass

I have experimented with many different art forms yet when I stood in front of a glass exhibit at the Indianapolis Art Center in the early 90's I was so moved to tears that somewhere deep inside of me I knew that I was home.

In the larger world of artists, I love the Impressionists, particularly Oscar Claude Monet.  I love creating the water lily pond and other landscapes in my glass.  I truly feel like a painter when I am creating these pieces.

In the world of master glassblowers, I am inspired by Lino Tagliapietra, who is a Venetian Glass Maestro and I believe is the worlds best glassblower.  I love his use of color, style, and elegance as he pulls me into his work.  That pull, that emotional, mental and spiritual pull is the essence of my passion for hot glass.  I am drawn into the heat.  I am drawn into the color.  And I am drawn into my spirit as I work with the glass.

The noise of the studio, the process of the dance, leave me as I enter into my own world of creativity when I stand in front of the glory hole or working a piece at the bench.  I trust that process.  I trust the voice inside of me.  I let my spirit lead me to the next space even when it shifts from my original concept.  I am often times surprised, and yet rarely disappointed.

My new series Metamorphous is about the changes I have experienced in my life during the past several years.  The changes have been challenging and surprising, not knowing where I will land is all part of the journey.  Although I am using the same palate in each piece, I am always surprised at the path the colors take while creating each piece.  Each piece is a metamorphous as is my life.

I was once told that if I spent the rest of my life learning different glass techniques, by the time I die, I will only have learned a quarter of what is possible.  There is always something to learn and for that I am intrigued and blessed with a continuous wonder.

As you experience my work, I hope that you, too, are blessed with your own intrigue and wonder.  I hope that my work will inspire you to find your own pull.

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