Laura Villanyi - Glass Bead Jewelry

I renewed my artist career by taking many different classes at the Indianapolis Art Center.  When I discovered the art of flame working it became an addiction that I could not shake.

Each bead is individually made by me and is inherently unique.  Lamp working or flame working is a technique involving the heating of glass over a torch, 1100 degrees - 1500 degrees.  I use colored rods of glass which I heat until molten then stretch, twist and layer with precision and detail.  The beads are then kiln annealed to make the bead durable.

My wearable art is conceptualized, hand made and nested into imaginative, custom adornments by me for you.  All findings are sterling silver.>

Even-though my focus is making beads for jewelry, drawer pulls, fan pulls, lamp finials, small ornaments, and custom requests are woven into my bag of tricks. Visit my website or e-mail to get more ideas and details.

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