Lorie Lee Andrews - Mixed Media

Lorie Lee Andrews is a mixed media artist and illustrator who began drawing and painting as a small child and has never really stopped.  A 2012 graduate of Herron School of Art and Design, Lorie Lee creates art that is vibrant and expressive, frequently combining printmaking techniques with other modalities.  In addition to her 2D work, she has a passion for book arts, where her printmaking and illustration are put to good use.  A wife and mother of three, Lorie Lee spent many years as a teacher, working with young children.  Her many years in the preschool classroom may account for the sense of whimsy and playfulness that often show up in her work, even when she is processing powerful subject matter. Ultimately, Lorie Lee's art is the result of her own spiritual seeking, and as such is an expression of joy, healing and inspiration.   

        email: lorieleeandrews25@gmail.com



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