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Artist Updates


Judy DeGan (Pottery) will be in the Broad Ripple Art Fair, May 20-21.  Judy will also be participating at the Women's Show in Naperville, IL, June 24-25.  Look for online sales soon on

Carrie Wild (Watercolor) will be exhibiting at the Old Capitol Art Fair, May 20-21 in Springfield, IL.

Scott Kinzie (Photography) will be displaying his work at "Love the Park" Fine Art Fair in Palos Park, Illinois May 20-21.  Scott will also be participating at The Village of  Winona Art Fair in Winona Lake, June 3-4.

Chuck Bruce (Jewelry) has several upcoming shows: The Art In Focus Jewelry Exhibit in Berea, KY, April 8th;  Kentucky Crafted-The Market Place (booth 405) in Lexington, KY, April 21-23; and Broad Ripple Art Fair, May 20-21,

Classes:  Indianapolis Art Center - Independent Study stone/inlay, March 30 and April 6.
Other upcoming classes by Chuck include an Intro to Inlay class, a Beginning to Inlay class, and an Advanced Inlay class, respectively on June 11,18, and 25 at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, GA.  Chuck is also offering a Roman Foldover Earring Workshop July 7-9 in Berea, KY.  for more info:

New Work at Art IN Hand

Chris Davis's raku pottery is always stunning.  Here are two new pieces made with real feathers as they are fired onto the surface.

Diane Couch has a new piece called "Elements" - a mixed media wall piece of copper, wire mesh, vintage knobs.

Carrie Wild's latest painting is called "The Navigator". Research has shown that birds use the stars to guide their migrations. Indigo Buntings use the constellations within 35 degrees of the North Star. These include the Big and Little dippers, Draco (the dragon), Cepheus (the king), and Cassiopeia (the queen), all shown in her painting.

Judy DeGan is focusing on new pieces.

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