Peg Neal - Pottery

I have dabbled in art all my life… even earned my keep as an illustrator years ago. However, no medium ever really held my interest for a sustained period, so my “dabblings” were basically to satisfy my own creative urges.

And then I discovered clay! My interest, fascination and curiosity have never waned since the first day I touched clay. I enjoy hand building and throwing on the wheel equally. My “body of work” is predominately functional vessels made of porcelain or stoneware. Making these pieces… casseroles, bowls, teapots, cups, etc…. those used in our daily routines, is especially appealing. For some reason they seem very intimate.

My sculptures are caricatures of my musings and observations. They basically make themselves. I begin by just playing with the clay. Once an expression appears, I merely manipulate and refine the natural folds and shapes the clay suggests.


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