Sandy Ezell - Watercolor

A native of Lacrosse, Wisconsin, Sandy first pursued a career in music, receiving her B.A. from St. Olaf College in Minnesota.  It was only after her children were in school that she became interested in painting.  Since that time, Sandy has gone after her artistic training through classes at the then Indianapolis Art League, and workshops from master artists around the country such as Floyd Hopper, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, Maxine Masterfield, Al Briollette, and Barbara Nechis.  Sandy is presently on the faculty at the Indianapolis Arts Center, and teaches additional classes through the Watercolor Society and the J. Everett Light Continuing Education Program.  She is also president of the Watercolor Society of Indiana.

Sandy is an experimental watercolorist who's subject matter might include landscape, florals, waterscapes, birds, and animals in an impressionistic or even abstract way.  Sandy wants the viewer to be involved in the painting, to see something that only the viewer may understand and together they have a dialogue.  Sandy says "If everything is spelled out, it's a one-sided conversation.  By creating impressions and abstract areas, people looking at the painting can bring their own experience to it and see something unique to them.  Then, the artist and the viewer have a more interesting discussion".


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