Sue Kraft - Wildlife Carver

As a lifelong lover of nature, Sue decided to major in Biology at Purdue University, graduating in 1971.  Her goal was to teach high school biology, but at the time of her graduation, there were few teaching jobs available so her career path took a turn to environmental control in the industrial world.  Taking an early retirement package from  AT&T, Sue looked for a "second" vacation and  quite by accident discovered bird carving.   

Sue has now studied under some of the best bird carvers including her mentor Don Pacey, Bob Guge, Floyd Scholz, Willie McDonald, Larry Barth, Todd Wohlt, and Keith Mueller.  Sue is now one of the best bird carvers in the Midwest, having won many best of shows at the carving and art shows she has attended.  She continues to improve her knowledge of art birds by taking classes at Cornell University in Ornithology and just finished a couple of art classes, in drawing and oil painting.

Her work is now found in collections around the world including Italy, Spain, Germany, and Puerto Rico as well as all over the United States.  Starting out carving the usual chickadees and cardinals, Sue now specializes in birds of the world.  She has completed pieces from Africa, Australia, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Antartica, Canada, South America and is currently working on pieces from Indonesia and India.  Although she enjoys the carving and painting, she finds the research into each species the most fascinating part of her work.  Getting to know the species is very important in order to capture the essence of the species as well as to accurately depict the habitat. 



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