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Carrie Wild

I grew up in the Flint Hills area of eastern Kansas, where the rolling hills contain the country’s largest expanse of original tallgrass prairie.  A love of the outdoors inspires much of my artwork:  paintings in which I depict nature in both realistic and imaginary ways.  Some of my favorite subjects are insects and small animals, creatures whose wonderful details are often overlooked.  I believe that our natural surroundings are key to our well-being, as they sustain and uplift us with a sense of balance, timelessness, and stability.

My paintings begin with a pencil drawing that is embellished with ink stippling to create outlines and texture.  Watercolor washes are then layered to add depth and define details.  Some paintings also feature metallic pigments, such as gold or silver, in borders and highlights.  I enjoy studying history and design, and as a result, elements from various artistic movements as well as other cultures sometimes appear in my work.

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