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Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown’s passion for glass began over 30 years ago as a stained glass artist. Over the years, the intrigue of manipulating molten glass in a flame inspired her to learn the art of lampworking. In May of 2003, she made her first glass bead & was immediately hooked! Cathy studied with several masters of lampworking & now creates miniature wearable works of art using advanced flame-working techniques. Her glass beads are not blown, but rather made from the inside out by applying layer upon layer of molten glass. Each bead requires careful planning, as individual glass or metal components must often be made ahead of time to later be incorporated into the design. Her jewelry design mantra has always been “it’s all about the bead.” With that in mind, Cathy prefers a simple, yet classic style that allows the glass art bead to catch your
eye as the focus of the design. Paired with sterling and fine silver, each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind design.

Born in Indianapolis, Cathy left her corporate career in 2013 and moved to Michigan to pursue her glass passion full-time. After 9 wonderful years in Michigan, Cathy and her husband returned home to Indiana to be close to their children and grandkids.


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