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Sylvia Gray

I taught classes at the Indianapolis Art Center for ten years and during that time I learned many ways of painting and dyeing silk and other natural fabrics. Shibori, or tied resist, is a Japanese dyeing technique used particularly in the kimono. The Shibori style that is most common in my work is Arashi Shibori. The Arashi (rain storm) pattern appears like the lines of rain - because there is a chance, as in a storm, there will be some degree of surprise. My hand painted scarves are driven by my emotions and my reactions to the world around me. I use color, pattern, and design to express my self. I'm deeply influenced by the works of master artists, especially the German Expressionists, and Romare Bearden.

Sylvia Gray was born in Indianapolis. She has a degree at IU Bloomington and later studied at Herron School of Art and Design. She is a member of many art organizations and is most proud of her membership in the Indiana Artisans. Her work can be found at the Indiana Artisan Shops both in Carmel and French Lick, her studio at the Circle City Industrial Complex, and online through her Etsy store. She is happy to work on custom art pieces for your wardrobe or home.

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