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David O'Dell

David O’Dell, a resident of Fishers, Indiana, is a printmaker specializing in serigraphy. He began 40 years ago designing and printing posters for rock and roll bands and other entertainers. He has a Masters Degree in Printmaking from Wayne State University. David was Art Director at St. Charles County Community College in Missouri and Senior Graphic Designer for Kmart Corporation.

David’s father, David O’Dell was the official Indy 500 photographer in the early and mid-1950s.   Clearly influenced by his father his recent work depicks limited edition serigraphs of vintage Indy cars in a style he calls “Crop Pop.”

His exploration of form has led to the creation of lenticular art in which the art changes depending on the viewer’s perspective. In addition, David has created other series limited editions including: The Advance of Technology, World Travel, Celebrities and Non-Objective Abstracts. Some of his artistic influ-ences are Leroy Neiman, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Estes. and Yaacov Agam.

David has won over 30 national and regional awards including 5 national first place Paragon awards for his designs.

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