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Deb Achgill

Deb is an Indiana native who lives in Lafayette with her husband.  Deb became interested in glass medium after observing a demonstration of fusing and slumping of glass, forming a shallow dish.  She followed up by taking an introductory fused glass class from a local artist.  She continued to work and experiment on her own designs and technique.  After producing many pieces that relatives and friends now have in their homes, she applied and was accepted at several art shows in Lafayette and Indianapolis.  Deb then joined an artist owned gallery where her art caught the eye of many people who now display her art in their home.  She spends a lot of time comparing colors and patterns of glass to get a sense of what might look pleasing when displayed with other forms of artwork.  Deb loves to work with dichroic and iridescent glass, which gives the piece a sort of magical appearance when viewed at different angles.  Deb's glass pieces can be functional as well as decorative.

Deb was juried into Indiana Artisan,  November 2014.

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