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Judy DeGan

My business name, Piece of my Peace, begins the description of my work. Amid the chaos of raising four children, working, and life in general, I sought out a reprieve, returning to my long love of art. Years ago I dropped high school ceramics in order to take a science class, one that I felt at the time would put me on a better path. While I became successful in my chosen path, and taking a few new roads along the way, I never lost my desire to take a pottery class. One class at the Indianapolis Art Center and I never stopped. Judging from the wonderful support of my family, I feel ceramics has brought balance, a sense of peace to my life.


I predominately make functional stoneware pottery meant to be used in everyday life. I resist the concept of production work. While I may make multiples of my forms, I do not try to make them match. I work with a basic color palette of glazes,  but again, I vary how I use them so pieces will coordinate but not be a duplicate. It is all thrown on the wheel and often has subtle alterations showing off the versatility of clay. Since I make pieces meant to be used, attention is given to those details that improve function; fingers need to comfortably meet handles, bowls have to be easily passed at a table, olive oil bottles needs to be grabbed. Those little alterations send a little piece of my peace to those who touch my work. My touch becomes places others touch, an element of pottery that has been  part of culture for centuries.


Everyone needs balance, peace in his or her life; I found mine in clay.


In addition to finding my work at Art IN Hand Gallery in Zionsville, Indiana and Mr. Miller’s Art Emporium, Douglas MI, I sell my work at many regional shows such as Broadripple Art Fair; Worthington Arts Festival, Worthington, Ohio; Waterfront Art Festival, Saugatuck, MI; Penrod; and Carmel International Arts Festival. I recently added an on-store at Contact me through my web site if you are looking for something you are not finding.


My work makes a perfect gift for others as well as yourself. I think of it as art pieces that can integrate into your daily life. Bowls, mugs, tumblers, berry bowls, canisters, casseroles, and more can be used everyday. They are all food safe, dishwasher safe, and oven safe (when heated with the oven). They are meant to bring my peace to your table.

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