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Ken Rabbers

Working in both color and black and white; my concentration is nature and landscapes, having been exposed to our natural environment at an early age. I grew up enjoying the outdoors, hiking and camping throughout my childhood. I have always had an admiration for our natural world and quickly found myself wanting to explore it in greater detail and to try to capture the beauty and uniqueness that it offers. Photography provides that avenue for exploration.


I love getting outside and viewing our natural environment in differing light. The soft glow of early morning and late evening, eerie fog, star-lit skies, a golden moon, those special times of day. Despite the requirement for technical perfection, there is still scope in photography for the Decisive Moment. Outdoor photography that involves architecture and landscape require the light to be right. The Decisive Moment in these situations is often a fleeting second when the light becomes absolutely perfect for the shot. Getting the shot when the light is just right not only helps to inspire but also gives one the sense of accomplishment.


I like to look for different perspectives from which to compose a shot. I am constantly trying to learn, and to improve my techniques to better express what my mind sees when I compose a shot. I get to be outdoors looking for those special views that a lot of people look at but fail to "see".

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