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Lynne Miller

I have been working in clay since 1996.  In my opinion, the most intriguing aspect about clay is having the ability to both create the canvas and to decorate it.  The ways of creating the canvas are never ending as are the ways of decoration.  My educational background is in chemical engineering, and the science of the glaze chemicals, the firings and the clay itself fascinates and delights me.  Working in three dimensions with clay allows me to merge my interest in science with my love of the natural, organic world around me into art.  I love to make both functional and decorative objects, and do not limit myself to one area.  My artwork has been shown at the Basille gift shop at the Indianapolis Art Center, The Broad Ripple Art Fair, The Penrod Art Fair, The Minnetrista Center (Open Spaces:About the Land), Details gift shop, and Art IN Hand Gallery in Zionsville.

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