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Norma Davis

I dabbled in oil painting before our children were born.  When raising them I could not find the time to paint.  Then, in 1993, I joined a watercolor class and have been painting ever since.  I have also done pencil and pastels but my love is watercolors.  I have learned the art of watercolors through various classes and workshops and a lot of experimenting.  When asked why I like watercolors above all mediums, I will have to say "for the pure joy of it".  I like its transparent qualities, freshness, and fluidity.

What makes me want to paint?  It can be as simple as a beautiful summer sky full of clouds, or an evening sky full of blues, mauve, yellows, and grays.  It could be an old tree at the side of the road or beautiful flowers in our yard and garden.  I paint the things I love but I don't always paint what I see, I paint what I feel.

I call myself a seasonal painter.  When the weather changes so does my subject matter.  My paintings are usually a landscape with lots of trees, birds, flowers, and water or snow. However, I do have a passion for painting old bottles and jars and pumpkins.  I paint loose, letting the colors do what they want and I usually draw with my brush rather than a pencil.  I love painting nature because "the beauty of nature is in its imperfections", my passion being things old, worn, and imperfect.  My palette consists of subtle colors.

I come from a "do-it-yourself" family and was always encouraged to be creative while growing up.  We have instilled this in our children.  We have lots of artists in our family.  Our children now encourage me to keep painting and they, along with my husband, are my biggest fans.  My husband and I just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.  We are both retired and enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

Through the years I have been in several art shows.  Davis Duo Art Display at Greenfield bank with our daughter Jen in 1995.  Featured Artist in the Home Arts Building, Riley Festival, 2006.  Art Show with friends, Greenfield Bank, 2004.  Exhibited several years at the Riley Festival.  Exhibited in juried WSI show for the last four years.  Won the Amanda Kirby Memorial Award with my painting "Blue", 2009.  Exhibited in WSI Membership show the last four years.

Today, being retired, I try to paint a little every day.  I belong to two weekly art classes and the Watercolor Society of Indiana.  I have been a 42 year member of Hancock County Extension Homemakers.  If I'm not painting or traveling, I am working in our flower beds, knitting, or visiting with family or friends.  Life is good!

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