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Scott Kinzie

Scott Kinzie's interest in photography began in the mid 1970s, mostly taking photographs on family vacations while growing up in central Illinois.  Since the advent of digital photography his interest in subject matter grew.  "I love capturing images of nature scenes, landscapes, and wildlife. My goal is to let others see nature through my eyes. I want to find a unique view and capture the subject in a way that others might not have noticed."  Besides nature and wildlife, Scott has also found macro and architectural photography enjoyable and challenging.  "There is so much to see and compose when shooting up close.  It's a world of its own and I want to share that world through my photographs." 

Scott has attended various workshops for photography.  His favorite workshop series was presented by Art Wolf, one of the best known nature and cultural photographers known today.  When Scott is not out shooting photographs, he enjoys traveling, kayaking, reading, and listening to music.  Scott lives with his wife, Melody, in Brownsburg, IN.

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