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Steve Miller

After 30-some years of graphic design, I decided it might be fun to design and build items with a longer life. I'd inherited some tools and a pile of lumber, so when a random remark directed me to a workworking class (and then another, and another, and…), I found an answer to a question I really hadn't asked.

Life's kinda funny like that…

My furniture, boxes, and turnings are simple, practical designs for everyday use. I love the grain and beauty of wood. Each piece of lumber is a work of art, after all, and I'd like to honor that gift and pass it on for someone else to appreciate. I don't always aim for "perfection," but — where appropriate — allow what some might consider flaws in the wood to to be part of the design, to add to the character of the piece.

I specialize in using native hardwoods, and work with clients to design the perfect piece to suit their needs.


Like anyone serious about his craft, I'm excited by what each piece has to teach me!

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