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Susan Kline


…is the first word I think of when asked about my art and how I arrive at my creations.

My art is a direct line from my heart to my hands. Life’s trials and blessings play a VERY large part in what makes my art so important to me. To be given such a wondrous gift, to be shared with others, to bring joy and laughter to one’s heart, to soothe a troubled heart, art to caress you with a hug.


…and to reassure you that “this too shall pass”

About my process…

I begin each piece on a wood panel, applying old vintage book pages. I love to find different languages, for to me art is for every being on this earth. Vintage sheet music and found papers always add a wonderful element of surprise when it can be seen under an intentional thin layer of paint.

I then begin to build my chosen theme from cutting shapes I’ve drawn from papers that I have created from painting with a brush or printing them by a method of mono printing. Layers are applied with paper and paint until my desired look is achieved.

I then begin the fun part of adding shading and details done with oil pastels and graphite pencil. Sometimes adding words of love and encouragement.

Finally sealing the art with severals coats of varnish.

Now….the art is ready for the world to see and enjoy.

Every piece of art made will find it’s owner in it’s own time.

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